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29 Décembre 2017
NEW! Integrated, flexible Color Mask Rendering
NEW! XR Stereo support for Multi-pass, Single-pass and Single-pass Instanced

Amplify Color is the lightest, most flexible, Unity Extension for Industry Level Color Grading. Easy to use for your project, no coding required for both 3D and 2D games.
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Looking for a cinema-grade LUT library? Check out the Amplify LUT Pack

Define and blend LUTs (color profiles) between different areas, smooth and 100% Artist Friendly. Volumes can be scaled, moved, rotated and even animated. A flexible tool that will allow you to create stunning environments in no time.

LUTs are externally created, the plugin can connect directly to Photoshop, or can be used with similar tools like After Effects, Nuke and others. Use the software in your pipeline to push color directly into your Unity Project Scenes.

Supports All Platforms
Optimized for Mobile

Using your favorite editor, color curves, exposure, saturation, hue and more, or a combination of all transforms at once.

Not allowed to switch between color profiles, you can use a static Texture or a dynamic Render Texture as a mask to exclude certain areas.

• Industry level color grading
• High-performance and Mobile-ready
• Semi-automated Photoshop Workflow
• File-based mode for other Image Editors
• Dynamic blending between profiles
• Texture-based per-pixel masking
• All Color Alterations Supported
• Oculus / VR friendly
• Color Volumes
• Third-party Effects Volume Blending
• Base and Volume LUT mixing
• Complete source-code
• NEW! 2D Color Volumes
• NEW! Depth-based Masking
• NEW! HDR Tone Mapping
• NEW! HDR Dithering
• NEW! Broader mobile device support
• NEW! Improved tools

Take the WebPlayer Demo for a spin or Learn More at the Official Forum Thread

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